What our Members Have to Say 

"If you want to watch TV while you walk on the treadmill and “feel the burn” then any place will do.  BUT, if you want to push a prowler to the verge of puking and lift heavy things until you are strong enough to be useful to society then The Muscle Studio is the gym for you."  Jane Delle

"Ric and Jen are amazing, they make each individual feel special.  They really care about your health, not just the exercise, but nutrition too.  I have done things I never thought possible.  They have pushed me in a gentle way to become consistently stronger.  I am forever grateful for their service."              Danette Kaufman

"I’ve put on about 9 pounds of muscle this summer while lifting at The Muscle Studio.  Thanks for all the guidance and support Ric and Tim."  Daniel Card - Deep Sea Diver US Navy 

"The Muscle Studio isn't just for men, body builder's or power lifters.  The members are supportive of each other and Ric and Jen are fabulous motivators!  We all come and work hard to be strong and have a great time doing it!" JD

"The Muscle Studio is truely a family that embraces everyone from those who use a cane to those who powerlift a quarter of a ton. Since being a member,  I have gained life changing strength and nutritonal advice that is second to none.  I am fitter then ever.  And, recently they have added an intense, fat-busting class, called Tabata, which is simply the icing on the cake!" - Christi Schones

"Tabata makes you hotta!"  Sunny Golden

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